SCIP Database

European Union’s Newest Approach towards Sustainable Circular Economy

SCIP is an online database for information on Substances of Concern In articles as such or in complex objects (Products). This requirement is based on revised EU Waste Framework Directive of 2018 and the database is established & maintained by European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

The main objective is to reduce the content of hazardous substances in materials and products, including recycled materials by:

  • Substitution of SVHCs with safer alternatives
  • Improve the information available to waste operators about EOL (end of life) products entering waste streams.
  • Enable authorities to monitor the usage of hazardous substance(s) in articles.

Which articles and substances are within the scope of the obligation?

It covers all articles placed on the EU market containing a substance of very high concern on the Candidate List in a concentration above 0.1% w/w.  It applies to any article as such or in a complex object, as they are supplied including spare parts. Furthermore, an import is deemed to be ‘placing on the market’, thus any imported article into the EU is covered by the obligation, including any supply via internet sales that involve an import.

Who are affected by the SCIP obligations?

Mainly, all EU Producers & Assemblers, EU Importers, EU distributors and other actors who place products on the market.

Among the supply chain, who are considered as out of scope from SCIP Obligations?

Retailers who are directly supplying products to the consumers without making any alterations are out of scope. And in addition, non-EU companies that would otherwise be out of scope for SCIP, they are obliged to provide the required information and support their importers in making SCIP submissions. In addition, if the company has a European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) account under a “Foreign user”, they may make direct submissions to SCIP database.

What is SCIP notification?

It is a dossier prepared by the duty holders & submitted to ECHA communicating the presence of SVHC in their products in a concentration above 0.1% w/w. The 3 main elements of a SCIP notification are listed below:

  • Information that allows the identification of the article
  • The name, concentration range and location of the Candidate List substance(s) present in that article.
  • Information to allow the safe use of the article, notably information to ensure proper management of the article once it becomes waste.

 What are the steps involved in SCIP notification Process?

  • Dossier preparation – using IUCLID cloud, offline via IUCLID 6 (server and desktop) or via system-to-system submission.
  • Dossier submission – through ECHA’s submission portal.
  • Submission Report – Can be downloaded, once the dossier is successfully submitted in portal.

How to access SCIP tools for making submission?

For making a SCIP submission, each company needs a valid ECHA account and a subscription to the IUCLID Cloud service & ECHA submission portal.

The SCIP obligations for Legal Entities kicks in by 5th Jan,2021.

What are the imminent actions for EU suppliers of articles?

The imminent actions to meet SCIP requirements are listed below:

  • Assigning Internal teams/Third party services to assess whether SCIP notification requirements exist for currently supplied products.
  • Once confirmed, Initiate necessary data collection throughout the supplier chain & start dossier preparation.
  • Gain access & knowledge on using ECHA tools and making trial submissions using SCIP Prototype version.
  • Give feedback to ECHA listing out your concerns and equip yourself to make final SCIP submissions.

Our Services

  • Risk-based Analysis & Identification of products meeting SCIP requirements
  • Data collection & compilation throughout the supplier chain
  • SCIP Data Preparation in IUCLID format (both Online & Manual)
  • Registration and submission into the EU SCIP Database
  • Provision of software solutions enabling automated submissions (System-System submission)
  • Timely Updating SCIP declarations for new additions to the SVHC list /Product composition changes
  • Training services/Webinars for suppliers on SCIP Data Preparation & Submission

Greencheck Software

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